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A continuous process to improve security posture

Vulnerability Management Service

Vulnerability management is an ongoing process of identifying, prioritizing, and remediating vulnerabilities in digital systems. We utilize our skills and various vulnerability management tools to scan your systems regularly, report to you, and help you remediate before it is too late.

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Today’s Clean Scan Doesn’t Guarantee Tomorrow’s Security

Security is dynamic, with new threats emerging constantly. Continuous vulnerability management is crucial for defending against evolving threats. Our services stay ahead of challenges to keep your systems secure over time.

Every Month

Scheduled Scan

All your networks, applications, and systems are scanned for vulnerabilities on a schedule and on-demand, combining manual and automatic scanning.


Perfect Result

Professionals assess and prioritize risks, providing ongoing support for remediation and patching. Additionally, a detailed report is furnished.


Top Tools

We use the award-wining commercial, custom, and open-source tools that reduce the costs but still produce unbelievable result.

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Continuous Security Improvement

Our Vulnerability Management Lifecycle

Asset Discovery

We inventory the assets, including servers, systems, web applications, and other digital devices.

Vulnerability Assessment

We prioritize the assets and commence scanning them one by one, using a combination of manual and automated methods.


Every finding will be prioritized based on its risk and impact. In this stage, we will filter out false positives.

Vulnerability remediation

With our support, your internal IT team remediate all vulnerabilities. We provide the details steps of remediation.


Once your IT team confirms the remediation of vulnerabilities, we will reassess to verify that they no longer exist. This is a cycling process.


Through our ticketing system platform, we continuously keep reporting and deliver PDF reports when required

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Why Vulnerability Management?

Vulnerability management is an ongoing process if you want to monitor security continuously and improve the security posture over time.

Purpose and Frequency

Vulnerability assessment is a one-time assessment, whereas vulnerability management is an ongoing process of monitoring and identifying vulnerabilities and supporting remediation and mitigating them.


Vulnerability assessment usually a method to detect and classify vulnerabilities but vulnerabilities management is broader such as risk assessment, prioritization, and implement of other strategies to address them.

Outcome and Value

Vulnerability assessment result detail report of founded vulnerabilities and their impact, and vulnerability management is a strategic approach to enhance overall security by monitoring security continuously.

Key Benefits

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Expertise and Experience

Our team is holding different type of prestigious cert including OSCE3, OSEP, OSWE, OSCP and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in vulnerability management.

24/7 Support

Day or night, create tickets and call or email us for instant support whenever you need it. We are dedicated to your satisfaction.

Tailored Solutions

Bytium customizes the vulnerability management services to your requirements, which helps to reduce costs and increase productivity.

One-stop Security Shop

We are a cybersecurity-managed IT Services provider ready to provide you with essential to advanced IT support globally, including the USA, UK, Bangladesh, and

Enhance Security With Real-Time Monitoring

Optionally stay one step ahead with our real-time security monitoring with our managed open-source SIEM.

Bytium's SIEM

Proactive Vulnerability Management

By leveraging advanced trend and pattern analysis, SIEM can forecast potential future threats and vulnerabilities. This empowers organizations to take proactive measures to address risks before they escalate into actual threats.

Real-time Threat Detection

Monitor network traffics and detect anomalies and potential threats in real-time. Security incident occurred, someone attacking your systems? Block them instantly.

Centralized Security Management

SIEM collect and analyze data from various sources which is valuable for forensics, reducing false positive, and taking action against new attack types.

Do you want to utilize a SIEM with Vulnerability Management?

Integrating a SIEM with vulnerability management service might increase the cost but obviously it helps to strength overall security posture of your systems.

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Vulnerability management is ongoing process of identifying vulnerabilities and improving the security posture overtime.

This is a continuous process, not a one-time assessment. If vulnerabilities do not exist today, there is no guarantee they won’t arise tomorrow. Most vendors engage with MSP on a yearly basis. And if the MSSPs have the ability, they will perform the vulnerability scanning at least once or twice every month.

Our company is located in the USA, and our office is located in the UK and Bangladesh, providing service globally.

Yes, we provide customizable service options to fit the unique needs and security requirements of your organization. Services can be tailored during the initial setup and adjusted as needed.

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