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Server Support & Troubelshooting

Our server support service maximizes your server’s uptime. We manage the server, host WordPress, optimize it, and ensure everything is secure from cyber-attacks and trouble-free.

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All-in-One server support: WordPress, Design, Secure, trouble-free

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Server support

Linux and Windows Both Covered

ByteKey primarily offers three types of major Linux Support, which is enough to say goodbye to Linux issues.

Troubleshooting and Optimization

ByteKey can assist you in solving almost any general issue. For example:

  • System performance optimization
  • Error Troubleshooting
  • Resolving software issues

Server Security configuration

Linux is not secure if it is not configured to be secure. That is why Bytekey can assist with the security configuration.

  • Configure firewall and antivirus
  • Access control configuration
  • Uncover loopholes

Server Software Support

Linux can be used as a Desktop or Server. If it is a server, we can assist with server-specialized software such as:

  • DNS, Mail, Or Web Server
  • Software like Apache, nginx, MySQL, or webmin.
  • Implementing robust Linux or Windows Security.

The Fastest WordPress Server

Best server selected

We work with different vendors, including AWS, Google, Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, and Vultr. We select the best vendor for your purpose.

Fastest & secure WordPress

We install WordPress with a free premium theme for a lifetime, saving you an extra $200. We optimize the performance and secure it. We do everything for you!

Software installation and configuration

Need to compile source code or install new custom software? Need to work with Apache, Nginx, PHP, and MySQL? Let us take care of it. We will ensure its compatibility and reliability.

Complete Linux server support

We help you with DNS servers, mail servers, Webmin, vitamin, and SSL. We take full care of your server.

Need only server support?

Do you already have a server? Or don’t you need WordPress even though we provide premium WordPress with a custom design? We are fine with a short-term task. Contact us today to resolve a server issue!

Securing the server

Once a system is online, it becomes vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Securing and avoiding downtime for a server is much harder than taking it online. This is where Bytium comes into play.

Patch vulnerabilities

We find vulnerable software and misconfiguration and patch them in time. We make sure the server has no known security flaws.

Continuous monitoring

We continuously monitor and detect any cyber-attacks or other issues to avoid any security breach or operational disruption.

Prompt issue resolution

A prompt issue resolution is provided whenever it is Ubuntu and Debian Linux. We are best at Ubuntu and Debian Linux.

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Key Benefits

Why Choose Us for Server Support

Expertise in both world

Our professionals possess the right skills to operate the system and solve the most complex issues in Linux/Windows. We also know how to secure it correctly.

Affordable for anyone

Our server support service is highly affordable for businesses of all sizes. If you can hire a freelancer, you can hire us, too, but you still get true professionals.

Tailored to unique requirements

Our server Support is tailored to your unique requirements. We consult with you and customize the services to your needs. No hidden or unnecessary fee!

Globally trusted

Our company, Bytium LLC, is a USA-based company trusted by 100s of global clients. We are not someone randomly found on the Internet.