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Penetration Testing Services

Penetration Testing is a simulated security testing method for IT infrastructure, systems, networks, or applications to uncover vulnerabilities. Bytium utilizes tools and techniques real threats use to exploit the discovered vulnerabilities. Let’s identify the security loop from every angle!

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What We Offer

Types of Penetration Testing Services

Bytium’s penetration testing services are tailored and designed to be affordable for small to medium businesses and even for individuals interested in finding security flaws in their computer systems or personal websites. We strive to help you amplify your digital defense from cyber threats, ensuring the security and integrity of your system and data.

Network Penetration Testing

Our comprehensive network penetration testing service ensures your network-connected devices are safe from cyber threats.

  • Router, Firewall, Switch
  • Desktop, Laptops, Servers

Web application pen-testing

Bytium’s expert team assesses whether your personal or business web application is safe from the TOP 10 web attacks.

  • Beyond OWASP TOP 10
  • SQLi, RCE, XSS, SSTI, And thousands of others.

Social Engineering

Human is the first line of breaches. Our social engineering testing empowers your employee’s general cyber security knowledge.

  • Real-world phishing and pretexting
  • Employee security awareness training.

Cloud Penetration Testing

Ensure your cloud environment is smooth and protected from real-world cyber attacks.

  • Identify security misconfiguration
  • Automated and Manual Scanning

Perform comprehensive penetration testing

Want to protect your infrastructure, systems, or web application? Perform penetration testing and find the weaknesses before the bad guys!

Our Approach

Our Penetration Testing Approach

Penetration testing service is a crucial part of a comprehensive cyber security strategy. The main benefit of penetration testing is uncovering exploitable vulnerabilities before malicious actors. Here are some more key benefits:

Black Box Testing

Black box penetration testing is a real-world simulated external testing method that utilizes real adversarial tools and techniques with limited or no information about the target.

Gray Box Testing

Gray Box Testing combines Black Box and White Box Testing methods, with the tester having limited system knowledge, like user credentials or architecture diagrams. This simulates an attack from someone with insider information or certain privileges, creating a realistic testing scenario.

White Box Testing

The tester has complete knowledge of the systems, including access to source code and server configuration. White-box penetration testing is ideal for detailed security audits of complex systems.

Our Penetration Testing Steps

Penetration testing services are involved in several steps. We believe It is unnecessary to list them in a complicated manner that can confuse you. Instead, we want to be clear and concise in informing you of the standard steps by Bytium for executing comprehensive penetration testing that genuinely can enhance your defense.

Consult, Plan & Preparation

Our expert will discuss your security concerns and goals to create a custom plan for the next step.

Recon and Vulnerability scanning

After the initial step, Bytium’s team will gather information and conduct vulnerability scanning to discover hidden vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability Exploitation

Once all vulnerabilities are discovered, we will attempt to exploit them to understand the impact of the findings.

Reporting and retesting

After completing penetration testing, we will provide a detailed report outlining vulnerabilities and recommendations and offer free retesting.

Penetration testing stages

Benefits of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing service is a crucial part of a comprehensive cyber security strategy. The main benefit of penetration testing is uncovering exploitable vulnerabilities before malicious actors. Here are some more key benefits:

Benefits of pentesting

Vulnerability Identification

Penetration testing identifies exploitable vulnerabilities in infrastructure, applications, or endpoints, effectively reducing the risk of data breaches.

Risk Management

Organizations can quantify and prioritize vulnerabilities and risks to focus on specific areas for improvement. Vulnerability Assessment is considered the first step of digital defense.

Prevent Financial Losses

Penetration testing effectively addresses vulnerabilities early and helps prevent costly security incidents such as data recovery, legal fees, and reputation damage.

Customer Confidence and Trust

Penetration testing is a strong demonstration of commitment to handling sensitive data securely and safely, which can increase customer’s trust and confidence.

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What is included in the Pentesting report?

Report and remediation Recommendation

Possible impact of the identified vulnerabilities

High-level overview suitable for stakeholders

report of exploitation likelihood of vulnerabilities

Total guide to preventing future vulnerabilities

Guide to hardening the system further

verification with a follow-up testing



Want to hire a penetration tester but have lots of questions to ask? Here are some common questions we have answered already. If you want to ask different questions, please reach out.

Penetration testing, also called pen testing and sometimes ethical hacking, is a simulated cyber attack against your computer system, applications, or network to discover vulnerabilities.

No matter what defense system you have implemented for your business. Penetration testing is the only strategic method to prove your business is not vulnerable to getting hacked. By simulating real-world penetration testing, you can find if your system or security implementation is misconfiguration or if any vulnerabilities are left unknowingly.

Minimum once annually. We highly recommend to conduct penetration testing two times. It becomes mandatory if any component is added to the infrastructure or if the application is modified.

Vulnerability assessment is automated or manual scanning to find vulnerabilities in your systems, whereas penetration testing is going further by exploiting the discovered vulnerabilities.

The cost depends on many factors. For example, if you are going to test a web application, the cost may vary on how many pages you are going to test. But the good news is that Bytium designed the services for anyone for an affordable price who wants to secure their system. At Bytium, A single host or web applications testing price starts at only $200.

Depending on the scope and complexity. It can take two days to weeks or even months.

Definitely! If you are even individual and want to protect your small web application, systems, or server, we welcome you to contact us.

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